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Sheriff and locals positive someone has video of deadly deputy shooting

Posted at 7:08 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 19:08:42-04

Both the Martin County Sheriff's Office and members of the Indiantown neighborhood where a deadly deputy-involved shooting took place, believe someone saw or recorded something. 

On Facebook there are several videos of people who captured the moments following the deadly shooting of Jerry Richardson, 46. And on those videos, you hear a lot of animosity. 

One man can be heard saying, "They're shinning a light on us so they don't get in trouble," talking about deputies shinning lights towards the crowd. 

Henry Riggins believes people who may have video of what happened when a Martin County Sheriff's deputy shot Richardson five times are reluctant to come forward. 

"Some of them, they might be afraid of what's going to happen. I can't speak for everybody," said Riggins. 

The Martin County Sheriff's Office has not named the deputy, but said it would on Wednesday. The deputy has not told his story to investigators, he is scheduled to do so on Friday.

Riggins believes that may be a reason why no one's coming forward with video of the shooting.

"They said they are only going to release them at the appropriate time, just like they holding up everything with this deputy, they holding up everything until the appropriate time," said Riggins. 

Riggins said Richardson was a regular at the corner store on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Charleston Street. 

"Jerry was friendly with everybody," said Riggins. 

Richardson was homeless and people who knew him say he always carried a machete. Investigators say Richardson had it on him the night he died. 

Richardson had a prior incident with deputies in September when he was Baker Acted. 

There is a way to provide tips including photos and videos without having to talk to police.

"We make every effort we can to ensure that we just dobn't know you are," said Phil Weiler, TIPS coordinator at Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers. 

Weiler says he even does not know who called in the tip;. The hotline number rings to a call center out of state where what you know is collected, but not who you are. 

"They do not record where the call came from, they take the information and send it to us," said Weiler. 

Same goes for the online form where you can submit videos and pictures along with your tip. 

"And that information is sent out of the country to a center that scrubs the IP address and then sends it back to us," he added. 

Riggins believes people might be afraid of law enforcement, he says he has not been, but this incident hits close to home. 

"Even though things happen in other part of the country, I'm not there. But, when things happen here, it's a whole different scenario," he said. 

To call Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers, dial 1-800-273-TIPS. Or you can fill out a form online by going to

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