Selling cars on side of road could become costly

Posted at 10:44 PM, Mar 14, 2016

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. -- Looking to sell your car on the side of the road?

Many people do! But now, you may want to be extra careful about where you park your car to be seen by a potential buyer.

It is already illegal to park a car for sale on public property. But, county documents show the citations are hardly improving the problem.

Martin County Commissioners next week will consider changing the law to add harsher consequences.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office says car owners can be cited, but also towed if the car is parked in a way that causes a public safety hazard.

Now, the county will discuss adding an ordinance to allow the cars to be towed that are parked on any public property at the owners expense after the issuance of a citation from the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

The owner would not be able to retrieve their car until they pay the costs for towing and paying a $500 fine to the MCSO.

The ordinance would encourage car owners to sell their cars in legal locations.

Bert Conway is selling his daughters' SUV outside his employer's location along U.S 1. It's private property and he has permission from the owner to leave his car there.

"I get calls everyday. It's working quite well," Conway said.

He says there is an advantage to selling a car himself, and he has had success with it in the past.

"There's a lot of traffic here. A light was put in a couple years ago and everybody stops at the light. What do you do when you stop at the light? You look around," Conway said.

Money collected from fines would go toward a Highway Safety Operating Trust Fund.