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Martin County Sheriff William Snyder meets with parents, teachers to answer questions

Posted at 11:01 PM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 04:14:57-05

Three months into the school year, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office hosted a meeting with parents and teachers to highlight just how busy school resource deputies have been so far.

Sheriff William Snyder said he has been wanting to host an informal meeting to allow parents and any school staff to ask any questions they might still have about school safety.

They learned about the number of arrests so far, the number of calls for service at county schools, and even how many students are being tracked 24/7.

“It is a big, big job,” Snyder described.

Parents like Kelly Radomski wanted to know more about what she should do if there is an emergency at her son’s elementary school.

“Please don’t go to the school,” Snyder said.

Others praised their school resource deputies for their work.

Snyder said law enforcement has handled more than 3200 calls for service this school year.

Deputies have made about a dozen arrests.

They’ve also investigated 32 threats. Of those 32, Snyder said 21 students are still being actively tracked- meaning their social media pages are being watched, deputies might stop by their home and they are keeping in touch with the parents.

“We’re tracking over 20 children now who actually made credible enough threats so we have to continue being in touch with them… “We learned from Stoneman Douglas, just because you have a contact because you wrote a report or made an arrest or a baker act, just because of that it doesn’t mean it goes away,” Snyder said.

"I feel like I learned a lot tonight,” Radomski said. “My son’s safety is my number one priory.”

School Board member Marsha Powers also attended the meeting, glad to hear the law enforcement and school partnership is working.

"It is good to hear they have the kids in mind when they’re making decision about law enforcement issues or any suspension or punishment.”

“Without cooperation from parents and understanding from teachers, it’s not possible for us to do our job efficiently,” Snyder said.