Raccoons wreaking havoc in Martin County

Posted at 6:56 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 18:58:19-05

Concetta Bruno looks warily over her fence in Jensen Beach, knowing that what’s living on the other side is eating away at her slice of paradise.

“They’ve just literally taken over our neighborhood," said the five year resident of Hickory Ridge Avenue.

Neighbors chipped in last year and had nearly 20 raccoons trapped and relocated from this neighborhood.

“This year, it’s gotten to three times the population.  They’re out of control," said Bruno.

The raccoons are doing quite a bit of damage on this block.  You see lawns torn up, and roof tiles missing. 

 “But if you look at them, they look like they’re playing.  They look like a bunch of bad kids playing in the street is what they really look like," said Bruno.

And they’re creating havoc elsewhere.
Caught on tape in Palm City, residents are building new fencing to try and keep the raccoons away from stealing the food for their pig.

 “We will only respond if they are sick or injured or if they are overly friendly," said Animal Control Officer Heather Belknap.

The Martin County Sheriffs Office has taken notice.  19 raccoon complaints in the past two months have Animal Control officers busy.

“If we can catch them, if they’re overly friendly we will.  If we have to take them, then we have to have them humanely euthanized," said Belknap.

For the most part residents say they just want the raccoons moved, tired of being up close and personal with them.

Animal Control and the Sheriff's Office reminding residents and businesses not to live food out for feral cats.  That also lures the raccoons.