Preparing for a chilly night; beach was empty Wednesday

Plants may need cover
Posted at 5:53 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 19:51:22-04

For lifelong Floridian Michael Glidden of Palm City, needing heat in the home is a rare occurrence. “Maybe once or twice a year."

When asked if he'd use it Wednesday night, Glidden replied "No.  Depends on how cold it gets." 

Over at Treasure Coast Air Conditioning, Luke Walker points out where the heat in most air conditioning units is generated. “These rods heat up just like a toaster.”  

Walker says if you haven’t turned on your heat in a while, you might notice something unpleasant at first.

“After many months of not using heat, these elements collect dust.  So maybe the first 5 or 10 minutes you might have a burning smell.  That’s nothing to worry about," said Walker.

Walker says he took some calls today over just that issue.

“It’s more than a simple problem if your circuit breaker starts to trip.  You can reset it once but if it does it again, you need to call an expert.”

Over at Pinder's Nursery in Palm City, Debbie Snyder shows off some cattleya orchids that are a little more cold sensitive.  So what if you have some beautiful plants that may already think it’s spring?

“In protecting plants our motto is if you love it, cover it and use a fabric, do not use a plastic," said Snyder.

Pinder’s has its own mini weather station as falling temps could spell trouble.  This is what they had to do back in January when there was a cold snap.  They’re not there yet, but they’re watching.

Over at Once Upon A Child in Jensen Beach, there was a rack of coats at 50% off for your little one going out in the cooler weather or if you were taking the family away from Florida for spring break.


“They’re still coming in, purchasing some of those coats and winter items we still have on our sales floor," said store manager Brandi Sines.


Stuart beach on Wednesday was relatively deserted, but Aleaya Myers was in the water with her friend and sister.  

For these first-time visitors, their friends are jealous, especially after this weekend's winter blast up north. 


“I feel bad for them because our town got completely covered in snow," said Myers.