Emergency drill held in Martin County

Posted: 7:29 PM, Apr 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-05 08:13:50Z

Local, state, and federal agencies putting themselves to the test Wednesday, with the help of dozens of Martin County residents. The goal, to prepare in case of a biological terror threat.

The scenario involves anthrax exposure. Health department employees were asking questions as role playing residents pulled in behind the Home Depot along U.S. 1 so that can get the medicine they need.

“This is called a POD, it’s a Point of Dispensing and it’s time. 

"We’re looking to see how quickly and efficiently we can do that," said Renay Rouse with the Florida Department of Health in Martin County.

This exercise took months of planning and is part of a larger regional exercise taking place in nine counties throughout the state.

“We’re learning what we would need to do in the event of a real emergency and how we can improve so we can do this quickly and effectively," added Rouse.

At one station waiting to serve as a safe haven, were crisis response canines.

“Agencies will call us in to psychologically stabilize residents in stages of grief or distress because of critical incident they’ve gone through," said Connie Jantzen with National Crisis Response Canines.

For residents like Myozotis Ryfkogel, it’s good to see if help will be there.

“As a mother with a child with disabilities, we need to know what to do in case of emergency when you have a person with allergies," said Ryfkogel.

There were evaluators tracking the days progress and taking notes to see what worked, and what needs to be worked on.