Possum in Martin County survives getting stuck in car grill

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - A driver in Martin County had some unusual car trouble Wednesday after spotting a tail sticking out of the front grill of their vehicle!

According to a post on the sheriff's office Facebook page, the owner of the car drove to a mechanic in Palm City where employees put the car on a lift to identify the animal.

An animal services officer worked with a shop employee and found that a possum had somehow became stuck between the front grill and the engine of the car. 

The scared female possum, which was trapped in the engine for about three days, was removed without injury. The animal was "dehydrated and a bit tattered, but otherwise uninjured." 

The possum was taken to the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital to be cared for.

The owner of the car said their vehicle was not damaged.

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