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Palm Beach County and Martin County schools buy active shooter insurance, more districts to follow

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 19:13:24-04

A growing number of school districts are buying a relatively new type of insurance policy, active shooter insurance. The Palm Beach County School District and Martin County's School District have both bought workplace violence insurance. 

In the event of an active shooter situation or any violent act with a weapon, both students and staff would be covered.  

After a mass shooting or tragic violent incident, Paul Marshall with McGowan Workplace Violence Insurance Programs said schools want to know how to take care of the victims.  

"I've heard from a number of South Florida school systems that have had violent acts and they have to cut the check to the family for what they deemed the value of that individual, that child's life and they say they never want to do that again," said Marshall. 

Now many school districts are calling Marshall to buy workplace violence insurance, which covers any attack with a gun, knife, car, or even drone. 

"We've adapted the policy to pick up any type of instrument, even drones," said Marshall.  

The insurances covers medical bills, psychological counseling, funeral expenses and costs to fly bodies home to loved ones or fly family members into town. 

"We want to take care of those within the first 30 - 60 days. By doing that we're able to help heal the community," added Marshall.

Martin County School District Superintendent Laurie Gaylord said in a statement, “Starting in April, the Martin County School District added workplace violence coverage, which covers both staff and students on school campuses as well as while attending school-sanctioned events."

The insurance will also cover any costs to add security in the middle of a crisis and will cover the cost of rebuilding a school or building touched by tragedy. 

"Like Sandy Hook or Parkland, now that that are looking to tear down and rebuild due to the emotional duress that the place cannot be used, well this can be covered," added Marshall. 

Marshall said Palm Beach County schools have also purchased the insurance.

Minimum premiums for small schools and churches can cost 1200 dollars. Marshall said a school district the size of Palm Beach County's would pay a little under 100-thousand dollars. The policies have several tiers that can cover a business, school, or church, from 500-thousand dollars up to 100 million dollars in losses.