New Congressman Brian Mast gearing up for Washington

Will represent District 18
Posted at 5:47 PM, Nov 09, 2016

As Congressman-Elect Brian Mast pulls in to his Stuart campaign headquarters at the foot of the Roosevelt Bridge, volunteers and staff are moving things out.  There is office equipment scattered about and bottles of soda and bags of snacks mark a place where there were many late nights leading up to Election Day.  The numbers on the lone board still on the wall document the Republican’s victory.

“I think it sunk in immediately last night as soon as they said ‘hey it’s over… we did this'", said Mast Wednesday.

Mast said his message on preserving the Indian River Lagoon resonated.  Now he needs to take it to Washington.

“Number one, it’s me getting on the right committee, Transportation and Infrastructure.  That has oversight over so many important agencies.. FEMA, Corps of Engineers.  EPA.  They also have oversight over maritime related issue and rail related issues, things that are very big here," said Mast.

A military veteran, who lost his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan, Mast says he’ll also press on issues of veterans affairs.

“To make sure that everybody that put on a uniform is serviced by the V in the way that they deserve.”

Mast agrees a Republican President and Republican Congress should help him as a freshman lawmaker.

“I don’t think there’s any question that Donald Trump bringing out the vote absolutely brought out the vote for my race as well.  A win is a win.”

Mast says he's looking forward to serving the American people in another way.