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Martin County Sheriff's Office in need of deputies

Posted at 8:31 PM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 20:31:54-04

The Martin County Sheriff's office wants your help. They have several job openings they're looking to fill.

When Corporal Jennifer Cuti gets in her car it's a reminder of the path she has chosen.

"It's absolutely scary but we're trained to handle the situation and we're trained to just take care of the problem so things can go back to normal," she said. 

For around 10 years, Cuti has been a member of the Traffic Unit, which means she might run into a number of situations while out patrolling the streets. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says he wants to make sure she and everyone else on the force has back up.

"We're changing now," he said. "Our whole foundation is preparing for the possibility of an active shooter."

After the Parkland school shooting, state mandates require that every school has a school resource officer. To make that happen Sheriff Snyder says they had to pull from their other units.

"We now need approximately 16 deputies for SRO's and current vacancies," Sheriff Snyder said. 

So, in a couple of weeks the Martin County Sheriff's Office will be hosting a career fair for several different positions within their agency. His hope is that there is strength in numbers.

"We'll have armed, trained, uniformed sheriff deputies protecting our children," Sheriff Snyder said. 

The career fair will be held on June 28 at the Indian River State College Chastain Campus.