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Martin County Department of Health issues advisory over mosquito-borne illness

'They're terrible,' said one Hobe Heights resident
Posted at 10:34 PM, Jun 10, 2020

HOBE SOUND, Fla. — After days of flooding rains and damaging storms, there is a new concern over mosquito and tick-borne illness in Martin County.

"Once the insects come on, it's quite intense," said Martin who lives in Hobe Heights.

He said mosquito issues are not new in the neighborhood in Hobe Sound where he lives.

"I've always been mindful that they're there," said Martin.

On Wednesday, the Martin County Department of Health issued a message to warn residents of mosquito and tick-borne illness due to the recent heavy rains.

"Given the type of illnesses with it, the Zika and stuff in the past that we've had here," said Martin. "I mean the would be a real trifecta of catastrophe going on to have illness from that along with what else is going on in society right now."

Michael Mayo also lives in Hobe Heights.

He said because the flooding is so bad, it's taking county workers days to pump put the water, giving mosquitoes a perfect place to nest and breed.

"Oh they're terrible," says Mayo. "At least now the water is down. Before it was so thick you couldn't even sit outside."

Mayo said every time the water starts to go down, it starts to rain again.

"The county brought over sandbags," said Mayo. "Then my nephew loaded it up all in his truck. He even carried down to some of the other people's houses."

In order to reduce the risks of getting bit, the county recommends eliminating standing water, something that might take time in Hobe Sound.

"We have several DEET products around the house so I'll be wearing DEET but in terms of the sleeves, this time of year its murderously hot," said Martin.

When buying repellent, the department of health said to be sure the product is EPA approved.

Read the Martin County Department of Health advisory bellow: