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Dorian mostly spares beaches in Martin County

Posted at 3:34 PM, Sep 04, 2019

JENSEN BEACH, Fla.-- After chaos, often times, what’s been below the surface comes to light.

Anna Mierzejewski's grandma collects seashells. Today is her Super Bowl.

"She just said that the hurricane has made so much bigger shells," her granddaughter said.

Ugly was exposed too. Pat Bonis recruited her grandkids to clean it up. “I just hate trash. I’m environmentally sane and one person can make a difference.”

For Kathy Fitzpatrick, it’s another day at the office. "When we come out, we’re kind of detectives right? We recreate what was happening when we weren’t here."

Martin County’s coastal engineer says overall, the beach did well, starting with the backstop of the beach. “The first thing we look at is, is the dune still intact? Generally speaking, across Martin County beaches, yes."

Waves pulled down some sand, making the slope steeper, which was expected. Their energy carried some sand offshore creating a sand bar. Wednesday’s waves already refurbishing what was lost.

Overall, the beach received a healthy grade.