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This week marks 2 years since Tricia Todd went missing, murdered

Posted at 12:20 AM, Apr 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-28 11:00:24-04

It’s a case that shook our an entire community and gained national attention. This week marks two years since Hobe Sound mother Tricia Todd disappeared. We later learned Tricia Todd’s ex-husband had murdered her.

“Her laugh is identical to my sisters laugh,” said Jonathan Todd referring to his now adopted daughter Faith.  

It’s the smiles and the memories that help him focus on the good. “Her wild personality, where she’s giddy and hyper and running around, it mimics my sister’s personality."

Jonathan is now Faith's legal guardian, adopting her after his sister, Tricia Todd, was murdered two years ago.

Faith, and their belief in God is what’s helped this family move forward these last two years.

“One of the beautiful things about the gospel, when someone has trusted in Christ it’s just a transition to being in the immediate presence of the Lord.”

The last person to see Tricia alive was her ex-husband, Steven Williams.

Initially, there was no physical evidence pointing to a crime. Investigators found her car parked in her neighborhood with her keys and purse inside. It led to weeks of searching.

Ultimately, investigators were able to get Williams to confess to the murder, but at that point there was still no body.

Prosecutors made a plea deal with him, offering 35 years for second degree murder if he took them to her body.

That’s when they learned he had dismembered her body and buried her in a tub of acid.

"The pain and the suffering for the family never stops,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.  

It was a defining case for his office, solving the mystery and getting justice for a grieving family.

Even today, two years later, Sheriff Snyder says Tricia’s story could help others.

“If you’re aware of a family in crisis or perhaps one of the spouses, whatever the relationships might be, are exhibiting violent behavior, violent tendencies, say something get somebody involved,” said Snyder.