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Hobe Heights residents remain frustrated as they wait for financial help to be approved by state, local leaders

As many as 10 homes will be acquired by county after being destroyed by flooding
Posted at 10:54 PM, Jan 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-21 23:49:41-05

HOBE SOUND, Fla. — Several Hobe Sound residents are frustrated they have yet to receive any money to help with their damaged homes.

"We're fed up," said Colby Besaw.

Back in May, days of torrential rain destroyed several homes in the Hobe Heights community, forcing residents to gut their homes.

Besaw's house is just one of 10 the county is now planning to acquire once a contract is finalized by the Florida Department of Emergency Management.

"All the neighbors are very skeptical if and when we're going to get the money," said Besaw.

In order for the acquisitions to begin, the county must approve the contract and then send it back to the state for it to be approved again.

Besaw said it's a lengthy process that has already taken too long.

"The worst home on our street was actually Benjamin's," said Besaw. "He had over 2 feet of water inside his house."

"The water is full of algae," said Rose Bell, who lives across the street from Besaw. "It's horrible."

Bell's house survived the days of flooding. However, as many as five homes on her street did not.

"The neighbor next door, they weren't even in the house not even a year, like nine months," said Bell. "They had to move everything out by boat because it was past their waist. That's how deep it was."

Until the money is approved, Besaw said he and others will have to continue living their lives on pause.

"I have to protect my own as I can," said Besaw. "I only moved back what I thought was necessary for me to sustain life and I continue on forward."