Father of man attacked by Austin Harrouff 'grateful' to see suspect arrested

Posted at 11:56 PM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 05:17:18-04

The father of a man brutally attacked trying to save his neighbors says he is glad to see the suspected attacker, Austin Harrouff, finally behind bars.

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Harrouff is accused of randomly targeting and killing Martin County resident Michelle Mishcon and her husband, John Stevens. He’s also accused of trying to eat Stevens’ face after killing him.

Jeff Fisher, the couple’s neighbor, was also stabbed multiple times trying to save his neighbors, according to detectives.

Harrouff is charged with two counts of first degree murder, and a count of attempted murder.

Steve Fisher, Jeff’s father, waited more than six weeks to see his son’s accused attacker go to jail.

Harrouff was hospitalized following the attacks. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says he swallowed something harmful and was in grave condition at one point following the attack.

Snyder waited to arrest Harrouff so taxpayers would not have to pay all of his medical bills.

U.S Marshals escorted Harrouff from St. Mary’s Medical Center on Monday to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

“As soon as we saw he was going to jail, do not pass go, we were OK,” Fisher said.

He and his son were worried the arrest would take even longer.

Harrouff has not made any statements to detectives, yet. His attorney, Bob Watson, says that could change in the near future, but not until he is in a better state of mind. He’s still on a lot of medication.

Snyder still suspects drugs played a role in Harrouff’s actions, but toxicology results are still pending from the FBI.

“Im very interested, we’re all very interested. You know, we’re mystery solvers by nature, But, frankly for us, what drugs he may have been on, what his mental state was is something that will have to be looked at by the jury, by the judge, by experts,” Snyder said.

Fisher has had several plastic surgery operations on his face, and is dealing with scarring from multiple stab wounds.

Mostly, Fisher says his son is still recovering mentally.

Snyder hopes this arrest helps Jeff Fisher, and loved ones of Michelle and John, with moving forward.

“Im hoping this will give them some measure of relief," said Snyder.