Face-biting suspect Austin Harrouff said he smoked weed, drank alcohol night of murders

Charged with murder of Tequesta couple
Posted at 5:39 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 04:17:23-05

If you believe what Austin Harrouff told EMTs and other first responders the night a Tequesta couple was killed in August, he didn’t have any exotic drugs in his system.

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When first responders arrived at the home of John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon, they found Austin Harrouff on top of Stevens’ body, biting his face.

During a 911 call made by Harrouff's mother that night, she told operators she was unaware her son had taken any drugs recently. 

In court documents released Monday, a paramedic on scene asked Harrouff if he had taken anything, to which Harrouff replied that, “he smoked some weed and drank some alcohol.”

While Harrouff admitted to that, a sergeant also asked the teen that night if he had taken any drugs.  Harrouff said, “no he did not use drugs, you could drug test him.”

Results from a drug test done by the FBI have not been released by prosecutors, but the Martin County Sheriff's Office said previously that Harrouff was not on cocaine, pot, or opiates the night of the crimes.

Harrouff was in court last week after being indicted on upgraded murder charges.  

In previous court documents, Harrouff told a Martin County deputy, “I know I ate bad things.” When asked what he had eaten, Harrouff stated “I ate humans.” 

The state attorney’s office is currently combing through 2,000 pages of documents in the case that should be released sometime this week.