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Woman kills boyfriend in self-defense shooting

Posted at 10:11 AM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-26 18:13:27-05

The Martin County Sheriff says a woman shot and killed her boyfriend Sunday in self-defense.

Sheriff William Snyder said at a news conference on Monday that 46-year-old Stacey Sabo went to a home at 136 SE Trafalgar Terrace in Leisure Village on Sunday to get her car keys from her boyfriend, because she thought he was driving intoxicated.

"My boyfriend was coming at me with a big rock and tried to throw it at my head," said Sabo in a call to 911.

"I just heard arguing, I heard noise and then I heard a shot and he never got up," said a neighbor from across the street who did not want to be identified.

Neighbors say they heard screams Sunday afternoon. That's when Sheriff Snyder says Sabo went to her boyfriend's mother's home to get her keys.

The Sheriff said when 38-year-old Brock Dion arrived home, he got into a fight with Sabo and threw a pail and large lawn ornament at her, but missed hitting her.

"Having missed with two projectiles, he then advanced on her on foot with his hands out intending to choke her," Sheriff Snyder said.

The Sheriff says Sabo fired one shot with her 9mm handgun and hit Dion in the chest. She tried to perform CPR, but he died on scene.

“She was acting in self-defense, and had she not fired in defense of her life, she probably would have been assaulted," Sheriff Snyder said.

"It's all about power and control in a relationship," said Jill Borowicz, the Chief Executive Officer for SafeSpace, which offers services to victims of domestic violence.

Borowicz says in most cases of domestic violence, the woman gets hurt. She says it's important to reach out and contact their emergency hotline at 772-288-7023 to ask for help.

"We can help you escape safely if that's what you need to do, and if you're not quite ready, we're still here and we can still work with you," Borowicz said.

The Sheriff's Office and State Attorney's Office said Sabo did have a concealed weapons permit. They also determined that because Sabo acted in self-defense, she will not be arrested or charged.