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Dangerous conditions at the beach this weekend

'Be extra mindful, extra careful this weekend,' says lifeguard
Posted at 5:34 PM, May 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-21 17:34:30-04

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. — Lifeguards pulled four people from the water in Martin County Friday as the winds are causing dangerous conditions at the beach.

As the waves crash ashore at Jensen Beach, Primo Volinchak is dipping his toes into the Atlantic for the very first time.

"We both love the water and we get to see he loves it too," said Crystal Volinchak.

Primo just turned 3 this week and he's holding mom and dad's hands tight, as heavy winds cause rough beach conditions.

"We're doing our best to just let him have a little bit of freedom without getting swept into the ocean and never seeing him again," said Nick Volinchak.

From Palm Beach County to the Treasure Coast, red and purple flags are flying because of the dangerous surf, rip currents, and marine life.

Martin County Ocean Rescue makes contact with swimmers encouraging everyone to stay close to shore and near their lifeguard stands.

"If you come to the beach, you're going to be under a watchful eye at any one of our beaches," said Lt. Brian Brocious.

On Friday, the wind is churning up the ocean causing waves between four and eight feet high.

The rough surf is canceling the World Championship Kingfish Tournament in Fort Pierce and the hazardous conditions are expected to continue this weekend.

"Be extra mindful, extra careful this weekend considering the large surf," said Brocious.

Primo and his parents are heading back home to Ohio soon but for now, they are still enjoying a windy day at the beach.

"We just always have our eyes on him and we're a team. He fell a couple times and we got him," said Crystal.