Business owners are getting soaked when it rains in one part of Palm City

Posted at 5:48 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 22:04:01-04

While the Treasure Coast isn't under a flood watch Wednesday, there are neighborhoods where people are still watching for floods.  Along Mapp Road in Palm City, it doesn't take a tropical storm to create problems.

Sandy Barringer says it hasn’t been the best year business wise.

“Usually we do a lot of produce and propane but this year it doesn’t seem to be that way," said Barringer.
Barringer has owned the Old Palm City Plaza since 2000, and indirectly owns the problem of near constant standing water in and around her parking lot during the rainy season.

"Water comes through and we get a lot of rain and you can’t see the driveway and they do go off onto the side of the road," said Barringer.

At La Borgata Restaurant, a good soaking squeezes their profits.

“Every time it rains, it gets flooded, people can’t get in the parking lot and it affects our business you know?" said Chef Mike Liberati. 

Barringer says the current drainage pipes are of little use.

“Not only are they clogged.  They’re supposed to be nice and big like they are at another plaza but they’re all shrunken down," said Barringer.

Relief could be on the way soon.

Drainage work and road resurfacing projects for Mapp Road are in next fiscal year’s budget. The $2.2 million dollar plan awaits approval from Martin County commissioners next month.

If County Commissioners pass the budget as expected, construction could begin over the winter.