Alert citizens busts would-be-burglars amid spike in crime in Martin County

Posted at 10:41 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 00:33:43-05

Monday, aware neighbors helped bust three men who they say were trying to steal a motorcycle.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office says the recent thefts are likely from 'traveling burglars,' people who come up from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County looking to take advantage of people in Martin County.

Michael Thompson has his truck stolen on January 27.

"I would be scared to death for my family's well being knowing that they would be so brazen," Thompson says.

In response to his and the 2 dozen others, the sheriff's office sent a 'Code Red Alert' received by 45,000 residents.

"We're seeing a little bit of an increase in crime," Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

During our interview with Snyder, that alert's message already working. Neighbors say they say these three  men to load up a motorcycle into a Uhaul.

"Our citizens saw that, they called us."

What better timing to find out where they're from, I met them in the parking lot.

I walked with Reynier Daniel Bendeoyro, 21, as he was escorted into questioning.

Andrew: Where are you from?

Reyneir: What's the point of this?

A: Why'd you come to Martin county to commit crimes?

R: We came on vacation.

A: You came on vacation?

For the record Bendeoyro, Juan Manuel Delgado Bacaocallao, 22, and Fernando Yassiel Laguardia, 24, are all from Homestead.

"They want to come into a county where nobody will know them, where nobody will recognize them," Snyder says.

It's too early to say whether they are responsible for taking Michael's truck. But the sheriff's office says they were throwing motorcycle gear out of the U-Haul, and around $3,000 worth of Michael's motorcycle stuff was missing when he got his truck back.

"I got it back so life is good now," Thompson says.

"We can send that message to the out of town criminals that this is not a good place to do business," Snyder says.

The sheriff says, while he couldn't offer many details, he's also assembled a crime suppression team.

This is also a good reminder of "see something, say something." And remember to lock your doors.