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Accused 'cannibal killer's' parents recall strange behavior

Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-07 09:53:54-05

Interviews with Austin Harrouff’s parents detail the last interactions they had with their son before he was arrested in connection with the deaths of John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon in the summer of 2016.  Hours before the crime, Austin’s mother sees him holding something in their kitchen.

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“A container of Wesson Oil and he’s staring out the window like he’s about to drink it. I turned and said, 'That’s not a drink,' and I grabbed it from him," said Austin's mother Mina Harrouff.

Austin had gone to his mother's Jupiter home after leaving a nearby Duffy’s restaurant following a confrontation with his father. She then drove him back to Duffy’s.

“So, I grab him by the collar and say, “What the hell are you doing?  He goes (raises fist) and my girlfriend goes ‘Austin don’t.'  He looks at my girlfriend embarrassed … leaves," recalled Wade Harrouff.

Austin Harrouff then walked about 4 miles to the Stevens' home where the attack happened.

Wade Harrouff recalls a docile, shy kid who came out of his shell thanks to sports.

"Became good football player, weightlifter and everything … and fit in you know," said a teary-eyed Harrouff.

Wade Harrouff says mental illness runs in his family. Both parents talked about getting their son counseling.  Mina Harrouff recalling conversations with Austin’s friends.

“Austin told him the devil talked to him six months ago, but they just played it off,” said Mina Harrouff.

Austin Harrouff’s attorneys plan to pursue an insanity defense.