Vero Beach family planning to cancel Cuban cruise following travel warning

Posted at 11:14 PM, Sep 29, 2017

Local families are reacting to the U.S Government’s warning to Americans to refrain from traveling to Cuba.

Friday, more than half of the U.S. personnel in Cuba were ordered to leave the island as a result of alleged “specific attacks” on U.S diplomats.

21 U.S. diplomats and family members have reported becoming sick, temporarily losing hearing, experiencing dizziness and concussions from alleged sonic attacks from an unknown attacker.

That travel warning is not sitting well for a Vero Beach family that is planning to take a cruise to Cuba in the next week.

“I called everybody like ‘what are we supposed to do’?” said Cindy Luviano. She has been planning a cruise for her mom’s 85th birthday for months.

“If nobody is comfortable, we can’t go and have a good time,” Luviano said.

Details are still vague as to why diplomats could be targeted.

“A little bit of fear of the unknown…When the government tells you you shouldn’t go, something tells me I should stay home,” Luviano said.

So, that’s what she and her family have decided to do, just one week before they were set to board their ship.

Luviano’s cruise line, Norwegian Cruise Line, posted the following statement to their website Friday evening:

Norwegian Cruise Line’s cruises to Havana continue to operate as scheduled. The safety and security of our guests and crew is always our first priority and we continue to maintain the highest security standards as we do in all ports of call.
There have been no reported incidents involving tourists or other cruise ship passengers. Reported incidents have been isolated to diplomats and government officials residing on the island. Our shore excursions and tour locations have been thoroughly evaluated and none are military owned or operated. The visa issuing process for our guests remains unchanged. 
We continue to believe that the best way to travel to Cuba is via cruise ship and look forward to continuing to offer our guests the opportunity to explore Cuba’s beauty, culture and friendly people.

Now, Luviano is hoping to plan a trip to a different destination to celebrate her mother.

“Were going to go somewhere else, there’s lots of places.”