First medical marijuana dispensary coming to Treasure Coast

VERO BEACH, Fla. - Medical marijuana is coming to the Treasure Coast. The first cannabis dispensary is set to open soon in Vero Beach. The company Trulieve got the green light on a location in an industrial zone away from neighborhoods and schools.

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Some businesses near the 1814 Commerce Ave. location welcome their new neighbor.

Peter Schaeperkoetter is used to sprinkling herbs on his pizzas every day, but did not know another herb will soon be dispensed nearby. 

"I didn't have a clue that it was going to open," said Schaeperkoetter.

Schaeperkoetter opened up his pizza shop 'Pizza Mia' seven months ago. In about four months a marijuana dispensary will open less than half a mile from his business and he says he doesn't mind.

"There's a need for it, that's what they're showing," said Schaeperkoetter.

His employee Glen Campbell knows that better than anyone. 

"I suffer from end-stage renal kidney failure. I'm on dialysis three days a week," said Campbell.

Undergoing dialysis takes away his appetite and drains him of energy. Campbell said marijuana alleviates his side effects. 

"It comes in oils, edibles and my appetite is great. I can eat, feel healthy. It gives me strength to even stand here," said Campbell. 

Campbell has to switch to a doctor that can prescribe medical marijuana before he can get a medical marijuana card He hopes to do that by the time the Trulieve opens its dispensary nearby. 

"It's long due. It's overdue," added Campbell.

Trulieve currently has dispensaries in Tallahassee, Miami, Clearwater, Tampa, Pensacola and has plans to open 20 more locations throughout the state. 

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