Racially charged flier handed out at school

Posted at 6:57 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 18:57:57-04

Parents and students were upset after a racially charged flier was handed out Monday by some students on the campus of the Vero Beach Freshman Learning Center.

It says “The South will rise again” followed by other phrases many here found offensive.

“I would probably punch the person that gave it to me and throw it away," said student Giovanni Morales.

“No that’s not right.  Not in this day and age," said parent Kelsey Keyzer as she saw the flier for the first time.

30 fliers were created, but the school district isn’t sure how many students received them, or saw them.

“The person who showed it to me I wasn’t surprised to see it from them," said student Sage Roberts.

One parent told NewsChannel 5 his stepson, who is Hispanic, was handed one.  The parent adding that his stepson had never interacted with that student before.

District spokesman Flynn Fidgeon says staff was aware of the flier shortly after it was first handed out.

Fidgeon added this behavior is not tolerated and that the students involved are being disciplined.

“I have an interracial family so it really bothers me to see people go against one another race wise," said student Luke McFate.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office says its’ school resource officer was also notified about the flier soon after it was distributed.  The Sheriff’s Office was told not to investigate as the school was handling the matter internally.  So as of now, no criminal charges will be filed.

The district calls this an isolated incident and that at least 10 students have come forward to say they were offended by the flier.