Skimmer devices found on Indian River bank ATMs

Posted at 3:41 PM, Jan 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-02 09:46:20-05

The Indian River County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about debit card skimmer devices found at five bank ATMs in the county on Friday.

Indian River County Deputies say the first hidden skimmer was discovered by a customer who felt the card slot was too loose this morning at the Bank of America ATM at the 6300 A1A branch in the Town of Indian River Shores.

Detectives found the skimmer and found four other Bank of America ATMs were also targeted at 13555 US Highway 1 in Roseland, 710 South Flemming Street in Sebastian, 5780 20th Street in Vero Beach, and 1500 Highway A1A Vero Beach.

Armandina Garza typically banks at the branch 20th street in Vero Beach. The news is shocking to her especially since she has used the ATM this week.

"I didn't know that until now that you let me know, it's terrible that this happened," said Garza.

Many customers we talked with don't even know how to spot a skimmer.

"We've seen that on television about people using skimmers and stuff at gas stations, I didn't know they did it at banks though," said Claude Cooper who prefers to use the ATM machine.

Detectives say before using the ATM pull on the plastic where you insert your card. If it's loose or doesn't feel like it's part of the machine do not use it and report it to the bank.


There aren't any known victims as of yet. The Sheriff's Office is urging people to check their accounts. Garza says she's also changing the way she banks.

"I'm going to try and come early and go inside the bank, I guess for safety," added Garza.

Detectives say the devices found were numbered leading them to believe the same person placed all of them. Right now they don't know how long the skimmers were on the ATMs. Detectives are working on getting surveillance video from the banks and will release any photos or videos of the suspect.
"We encourage anyone who has used any of these ATMs in recent days to carefully check your bank statements and consult your bank about requesting a new card,” Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar said in a release. “As soon as we can get video of the suspects from the banks, we will release the photos in an attempt to capture these thieves and bring them to justice."

The sheriff’s office urges customers who think they may be a victim of this crime to contact Bank of America customer support at 1-800-432-1000. Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to contact Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-TIPS (8477) or

JUST IN: IRC Sheriff's Sergeant says a 5th skimmer has been found at another Bank of America ATM on A1A. @WPTV

— Michelle Quesada (@M_Quesada) January 1, 2016