Well issue concerns Palm Beach Zoo

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Palm Beach Zoo might need to evacuate some of its animals from the zoo's island enclosures because of issues with its wells.

One of the wells recently broke and with the current drought, the zoo wants to make sure there's enough water for all of the animals.

The broken well is about 20 years old. Administrators believe wear and tear over the years led to the emergency.

In a normal month, the zoo pulls between 10 and 12 million gallons. With one well down, the zoo can pull about half.

That water is used for things like cleaning, but also in lakes around some exhibits as a way to contain the animal to that area.

The zoo has called the city of West Palm Beach and South Florida Water Management District to get water from other sources.

"We do have several lakes in Dreher Park that we might be able to tap into and there's also a canal nearby that we might be able to tap into but all of that is regulated by South Florida Water Management District so we have to work closely with them," Palm Beach Zoo Facilities Manager Dave Ruhr.

If you visit the zoo the only thing you might notice is some of the water is cloudier than normal.


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