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Weather impacting profit at restaurants in West Palm Beach

It's been challenging to enjoy a moment outdoors
Posted at 6:03 PM, Jul 27, 2023

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Jai Westerman was on Clematis Street enjoying a cup of yogurt Thursday afternoon.

"I like to sit at restaurants that have outside dining," she said. "I just don't go outside when it's hot out."

But between the heat and now the return of rain it's been challenging to enjoy a moment outdoors.

And for businesses that rely on outdoor dining for their bottom line, the impact can add up.

Peachwave Yogurt owner Gabriela de Abreu  July 2023.png
Peachwave Yogurt owner Gabriela de Abreu explains how rain and heat impacts her business.

Gabriela de Abreu is the owner of Peachwave Yogurt. She's keeping a close eye on the skies.

"It affects it. I can tell, because if it's raining, people don't want to sit outside and if it's too hot, they don't want to sit outside," she said. "The good thing is we have some indoor seating but definitely affects it."

According to WPTV First Alert Meteorologist Kate Wentzel, we've only had two days in July under 90 degrees and both days were 89 degrees.

Jai Westerman July 2023 West Palm Beach
Jai Westerman shares that she enjoys outdoor dining.

And we have had 8.55 inches of rain at Palm Beach International so far for the month of July, far above the month average of under 5 inches.

At Kapow, just a few blocks away, Rayne Coon said it's not the heat that hurts them.

"I would say the rain has probably made more of a negative impact just because it's harder to dine in outside when there's no coverage," she said. "The heat you can put up shade."

Kapow Rayne Coon West Palm Beach July 2023.png
Rayne Coon of Kapow explains how rain impacts the restaurant more than anything.

WPTV did find at least one person who enjoys dining in the heat.

"I love the heat. I love the weather in Florida and it's just delightful to sit outside," Beth Fishel said.