UZURV third party app lets you choose your Uber and Lyft driver

Posted at 11:58 PM, Jan 03, 2017

A new app available in West Palm Beach aims to make the ride-sharing experience safer for drivers and riders. 'UZURV' is a third party app and is independent from Uber and Lyft, but works alongside the ride-sharing apps. Once you download and sign up, you can click and find drivers by name, driver code, or profile pictures. 

Omari Paynt started working for Uber a few months ago to pick up some extra cash before Christmas. He says he's never had a negative experience driving for Uber, but picking up complete strangers does concern him at times.

"Everyone has that gut feeling where I don't know about the situation," said Paynt.

Paynt says he's interested in the UZURV app. It lets you reserve your favorite driver. An Uber or Lfyt driver can get requests from repeat customers and customers can pick their favorite drivers any time they need a ride. 

"It's a great idea. It would probably have kept me driving for Uber," said Paul Carrigan, a former Uber driver. 

Carrigan says he did not particularly like picking up people he didn't know. 

"Picking up people that you don't know at 2 o'clock in the morning after the bar closes, they're going to pay their bill, but your car might not be in the shape you want it to be when you drop them off," said Carrigan. 

The app does have a fee. It allows you to rate, select, and request specific drivers in cars with certain amenities.

The biggest appeal to drivers and riders is that they will know who is picking them up or who is getting in their car. 

"There are a few people I know who would request me and we would definitely have entertaining times," added Paynt. 

The app will charge drivers and riders a fee of about 3 dollars for every reservation made and accepted. Right now the fee is $0.99 per ride.