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Uber warns riders of driver impersonators ahead of busy Memorial Day weekend

Posted at 10:59 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-27 00:02:05-04

There is a right and wrong way to take an Uber. After reporters of Uber driver impersonators trying to scam you, rob you, or worse, Uber is launching an awareness campaign. 

On busy holiday weekends, you want more fun and less hassle. 

"We will be taking an Uber tonight," said Wendy Rodriguez.

"Sometimes, I just try to avoid parking entirely and take an Uber," said Jared Fishman.

But Uber scammers are counting on that. In March, a man pretending to be an Uber driver assaulted a woman in Atlanta. Uber has been receiving similar reports from law enforcement and is now launching a campaign to prevent it. 

There is a right way to accept an Uber driver. Make sure you check the make and model of the car and the tag before getting in. Also, look at the name and picture of  your driver on your app and make sure they match the driver in the car. 

Eric Humphrey has been driving for Uber for 2 years and is still surprised when people don't make sure they're in the right car.

"I call the name of the person on the app," said Humphrey. 

Joe Russo always double-checks his app. He's not an Uber driver but has seen how trusting people can be. 

"Somebody tried to get in my car thinking I'm an Uber. He was confused, I was confused, but it happens because people expect 'oh this looks like the car, it must be my Uber," said Russo. 

Eric also suggests people call or text their driver after they request a ride. 

"When that person pulls up and you've just spoken to, that's another connection you had," added Humphrey. 

Another tip, if you or your friends plan on drinking, make sure one person is able to look after those who may not be as alert. Help a friend get into their Uber, but first help them make sure they're getting in the right car. 

Remember the app can only track you if you're in the Uber driver's car.