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Trial set to begin after bricks fell on downtown West Palm Beach law office in 2016

Posted at 7:17 AM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 11:18:17-04

The trial is scheduled Monday after bricks fell into a lawyer’s downtown West Palm Beach office more than two years ago.

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At William Price’s law office on Fern Street in downtown West Palm Beach, there is still a sign up that says they are temporarily in a different location.

That’s after bricks from the wall of the Alexander Lofts came crashing down in March 2016.

It’s hard to forget those images when thousands of pounds of bricks rained down into the building.

Several people were injured and taken to the hospital.

The city said rusted metal rods were to blame.

The law office is suing the owner of the Alexander Lofts, RAM Realty, for negligence. 

Greg Weiss, attorney for the William Price Law Firm, says they have been waiting for this trial for a long time and are looking forward to having their day in court.

He says the main contention of the case is the damages. They have plans to rebuild the law office building but he says the other side claims it won't cost as much as they are estimating.

"This lawsuit is getting damages to make us whole again from the damage that was caused to our building. The main dispute isn’t over whether the collapse occurred because it’s hard to dispute that, but how much in damages my clients have suffered and there’s two clients, both Williams Price PA the law firm and the owner of the building, Five Solas," said Weiss. 

He says there are several different damage aspects, including the cost to reconstruct the law firm, loss of the property inside the building, and the cost of moving, renting alternative space and damage to personal property inside the building. 

The trial could last about six days.