FBI: Terrorists recruiting teens online

Posted at 11:25 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 23:25:47-05

What's happening from behind a computer screen that's making the FBI warn parents of an open window for danger?

"We’re seeing that a lot of these young people will even get on a plane," said Stuart Kaplan, former FBI agent.

Kaplan admits the online world is bringing impressionable teens closer to terrorists.

"Our young adults are very vulnerable to being sucked in from the time that there is contact all the way through to converting them to this ideology," said Kaplan.

The FBI says terrorists are pulling strings online. They're logging into social networks, online forums, and looking for specific teens to recruit.

"They’re targeting people who are troubled who are usually having some sort of identity issue," added Kaplan.

To stop the increasing number of American teens being recruited by terrorists online, the FBI today launched the 'Don't be a Puppet' initiative.

The website has videos, quizzes, and information on how to recognize the signs of recruitment. The FBI says terrorists are making contact with teens through smart phone apps, online games, and social networking sites.

Kaplan recommends parents pay attention to where their kids are surfing.

"It's ironic that when we give them a computer we don’t necessarily police it as we police them when they are with people we can see," he said.

To visit the FBI website, click here.