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Superhero Day at Palm Beach Children's Hospital; Supergirl, Ironman, and Hulk join forces

Posted at 4:33 PM, Apr 27, 2018

They didn't fly or break through walls to get there, but three superheroes joined forces Friday at Palm Beach Children's Hospital for Superhero Day.

It was an operation Palm Beach Children's Hospital has never seen before. A trio of superhero powers like no other working together towards one mission; to bring smiles to little faces.

The Hulk was no air hockey match for 15-year-old Stanley Louissant. He was careful not to get the Hulk too angry. Ironman showed off his skills, but who the favorite superhero was depended on who you ask. The girls loved Supergirl. She didn't fly in and Ironman took the elevator floor to floor, but their real superpowers shined through.

"When you see your kid happy, it's the most important thing," said parent Nittaya Passanisi.

The Hulk even broke out of character for a second to tell us why he, a JetBlue pilot, volunteered for Superhero Day. 

"I have children of my own and one of the things I am very thankful for is that they're healthy and so this is my way of giving back," said Justin Dalmolin.

Supergirl was a hit Maryann Passanisi who shared that she plans to be a superhero too when she grows up. 

"A nurse," she said. 

Lisa Barron used her powers at the hospital to put together Superhero Day. 

"I really do have one of the best jobs in the hospital," said Barron.

She saved the day with volunteers who have superhuman hearts.  

"Who doesn't want to be a superhero for the day?" said Dalmolin. 

The children at the hospital also got to meet some non-fictional superheroes. Officers from the West Palm Beach Police Department and members of the SWAT team as well as city firefighters visited with them.