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State expected to rest Tuesday; Dippolito's attorneys to start calling witnesses

Posted at 7:58 PM, Jun 12, 2017

State starts day with racy texts between Dippolito and former lover

State prosecutors continued to call witnesses to the stand Monday in Dalia Dippolito’s third trial. Prosecutors are trying to prove Dippolito was desperate to get rid of her husband in 2009. They called the lead detective in the murder-for-hire trial to the stand to read racy text messages between Dippolito and a former lover, who is now deceased.

“The phone number is Mike Stanley’s,” said Detective Alex Moreno of the Boynton Beach Police Department.

State Prosecutor Craig Williams and Detective Moreno read line by line through text conversation Dippolito had with Stanley in 2009 while she was married.

Williams reading Dippolito’s text: I want to kiss you right now.
Moreno reading Stanley’s text: Yeah, that would be really really nice.
Williams reading Dippolito’s text: I am so attracted to you, I loved (expletive) you, it blew me away.

The state revealed to jurors Dippolito’s desires, including a new life with her lover Mike Stanley.

Williams reading Dippolito’s text  Soulmates is what we are. We are meant to be together. Do you know I have baby names picked out? I want your child in me.

The state claims the texts also show how Dippolito plotted with Stanley to get her husband arrested by planting drugs in his car.

Williams reading Dippolito’s text: I love you. I just want my life with you. Let’s get this (expletive) arrested. I’m so tired of his (expletive). If he’s locked up he can’t hurt my family. He doesn’t know anyone on the inside.

Dippolito’s attorney Brian Claypool noted to Moreno the two times Dippolito referenced her concerns over her family’s safety.

“The text messages between Mike Stanley and Dalia Dippolito, in our opinion, don’t have any bearing on proving that she allegedly hired a hitman to kill her husband,” said Claypool. “None of the text messages reveal any information at all about her wanting to physically harm or kill Mike Dippolito.”

The state also brought undercover hitman Widy Jean to the stand. Prosecutors played a video considered key evidence in the trial. The video showed Dalia Dippolito meeting with Jean in his car and handing over a picture of her husband and key to her house.

In the video, the undercover hitman asks Dippolito if she’s sure she wants to go through with the murder of her husband and she responds “5,000 percent sure.” The answer has been used by the state in all of Dippolito’s trials to emphasize their allegation that Dippolito was determined to go through with the murder-for-hire plot.

On Tuesday, the state will continue its arguments and is expected to rest. Dippolito’s attorneys expect to begin calling witnesses Tuesday.