Star athlete's friend speaks about shooting

Posted at 11:45 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 05:20:13-04

With bullet fragments still in his fingers, Maurice Grover says he can't stop replaying the shooting in his mind.

"We were listening to music. It was loud and I heard one shot. I thought it was in the song and I heard a second and third one, it sounded closer and louder so I ducked my head and put my hands up and like they just kept shooting," said Grover.

Grover and Greg Bryant had just left Sugar Daddies in West Palm Beach. Grover says the two never go out to that club, but they were supporting friends playing their music and performing at the club. When they were on their way home, their car was shot at on I-95 Southbound between Southern Boulevard and Forest Hill Boulevard.

"I looked over and like Greg was leaning on me. I tried to get out and do CPR, but my hands were messed up," added Grover.

Grover says he counted up to 11 shots fired. He didn't get a look at who was firing. He says it came out of nowhere. He says he and Bryant left the club in a good mood and didn't have any issues with anyone.

Bryant was an American Heritage High School star football athlete. He was currently attending the University of Alabama Birmingham where he was going to start playing football soon. He was only visiting home for Mother's Day week and was supposed to fly back Sunday.

"At the end of it all, God needed a running back and it was Greg's number that was called," said Greg's uncle Allen Mosley.

Mosley says the family is devastated. Bryant was declared brain dead and taken off life support Sunday.

"He was very humble for an athlete of his measure," said Jonathan Hildner, a former roommate who flew from Texas to see Bryant's family after hearing about the shooting. "He wasn’t scared to tell you that he loved you."

Mosley says his nephew never hanged around with wrong crowds or in places he shouldn't have been. Grover says he used to play football with Bryant in their neighborhood.

"When I first started making music he was one of my first true fans. He loved what we was doing. All he wanted to see us do is make it with the music and all we wanted to see him do is make it with football. He was supposed to be in the NFL," added Grover.

Grover says he doesn't understand why someone would come after them. He doesn't recall doing anything Friday night that would have provoked anyone to come after them.

"If anybody saw anything and I know somebody did or knows something speak up," he added.

Anyone with information on this shooting should call Detective Rob McGinley with the West Palm Beach Police Department at 561-822-1689 or call Crimestoppers. Detectives are still looking for witnesses.