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South Florida cleaning company explains how to thoroughly disinfect home or office

Posted at 1:04 PM, Mar 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-10 18:02:34-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Local cleaning companies are seeing more interest in deep sanitizing and sterilization services amid growing concerns about the coronavirus.

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Trauma Solutions of South Florida usually cleans up after crime scenes, biohazard chemicals in West Palm Beach, Martin and Broward counties, but recently they are offering services to deep clean for coronavirus.

Lately, technicians are also suiting up to disinfect for the coronavirus.

“We do it for the coronavirus also just so when we leave we can take that off and we don’t take it out with us wherever we are at,” said Jinni Figueroa, technician, Trauma Solutions of South Florida.

They use a disinfectant solution, but if you are trying to clean at home or at work, Figueroa says a bleach solution mixed with water will also work.

“Bottles or anything that’s on your counter, I would wipe it all down. First move it and then clean the countertop and put it back,” said Figueroa. “Every surface has to be wiped down, handles, door knobs. Anything that you would actually touch would need to wiped down.”

You may clean these on the regular already, but Figueroa says it’s important to reach the spots that aren’t part of your routine.

“Refrigerator handles, cabinet handles, kitchen, you wouldn’t think to clean them,” said Figueroa.

At the office, you guessed it: keyboards, mouses desks, laptops.

“Waiting rooms, tables, magazines, I would probably toss stuff like that,” added Figueroa.

She says sanitizing spaces is not the challenge, it’s keeping them clean.

“We can clean it. But the next day, if they have people back in, they need to have them wear masks or try to be proactive before they have people come back in or else it defeats the purpose,” said Figueroa.

Don’t forget about your car. You touch your door handles and steering wheel every day. After you disinfect, make sure you to keep your hands clean.