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'Safe Haven baby' now teenager has message for pregnant women in difficult situations

Posted at 7:42 PM, May 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-10 04:07:05-04

The baby found in a dumpster in West Boca has no voice yet, but there’s another child in our area using his to speak to pregnant women who may find themselves in a desperate situation.

He’s living proof that there’s another way to safely give up your baby.

Looking back at how her baby boy has grown up, it’s easy for Aja Iglesias-Terrell to forget her son wasn’t placed in her arms the usual way most babies are after birth.

“Having given birth and then adopting a child, there’s really no difference. Your heart connects instantly,” said Iglesias-Terrell.

Kristopher was a “Safe Haven” baby. He was given up safely by his biological mother and placed into adoption days old thanks to the organization “A Safe Haven for Newborns” which was created shortly after the Safe Haven law went into effect in 2000.

“Everything aligned, God put everything into place and this has been one of my most fantastic journeys,” said Iglesias-Terrell.

Aja wanted to expand her family. Now her son Kristopher is 15 years old and knows about his past. He has become an advocate to show scared expecting mothers there’s another way that can help your baby find a loving family.

“Knowing that I’m a ‘Safe Haven baby’ and that I was adopted and like not knowing where my mother was, I felt comfort being with my adoptive mom,” said Kristopher.

Together, Kristopher and his mom spread awareness using the Safe Haven community app. After hearing about the newborn found in a western Boca Raton dumpster, Aja and Kristopher say they have more work to do.

“My heart also goes out to that mother ,don’t know who or where she is, but my heart breaks for her. To just think that you’re just in such a desperate state and giving birth in itself is traumatic,” added Aja.

At days old, a newborn is most vulnerable. They have no voice, but Kristopher is using his to speak to those who feel they don’t have options.

“My message to the moms out here who are thinking of abandoning their baby is that there is another way and that there’s still hope,” added Kristopher.

Fire Stations and Hospitals are Safe Havens where a baby up to 7 days old.

If you or someone who you know is pregnant and in need of help, there is a multilingual Florida Helpline you can call at 1-877-767-2229.

You can also visit A Safe Haven for Newborns website.