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Report: President Trump to discuss Cuba

Posted at 11:48 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-10 00:00:20-04

President Trump is reportedly preparing to follow through on a campaign promise and draw a harder line with Cuba.

The Miami Herald first reported the president will be in Miami in a week to roll out the policy changes, like restricting travel to Cuba.

When President Obama opened up travel to the communist nation, Cuban American Brenda Husinka was on board.

We talked to her outside of Havana, a Cuban restaurant in West Palm Beach.

"When you open up the economy to the people who live there and they see what's available to them, they will change their attitudes," she says.

Then Candidate Trump campaigned to harden the United States stance on Cuban relations, saying only the communist government benefitted. Not it's people or the United States.

Cuban American Carlos Gonzalez has written about the two countries relationship.

We asked him what a hardened line would mean.

"Nothing major. Nothing major. Instead of going through an airplane people will have to go on boats. That's the difference. People will continue going to Cuba," he says.

Brenda is hopeful President Trump's first visits to Miami means he can do what President Obama couldn't.

"Get them to ease up on their human rights violations," she says. "I have some family members that were political prisoners and some of that is still going on."

We're still waiting to hear the official itinerary from the White House.

We have reached out to Senator Marco Rubio's office for comment, but so far, we haven't heard back.