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Protesters, supporters once again line Southern Boulevard for presidential motorcade

Posted at 7:47 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 04:05:39-04

For President Donald Trump’s arrival in Palm Beach County Monday afternoon, protestors and supporters alike lined Southern Boulevard.

“Most of us have been in this fight for a long time," said Dan Ray, a supporter of President Trump.

“It was time at my old age to become an activist," said Trevor Smith, a protestor.

Even though they all held signs and yelled as the motorcade passed by, protestors and supporters had vastly different messages.

“Admiration, respect, the fact that he’s making America great again," said Paula Magnuson, a supporter. "He’s keeping his promises.”

“Eroding what this country has always stood for over the years," Smith said.

Many of the activists along the sidewalk Monday say they've been there for every arrival and departure since President Trump took office.

“I feel that he’s really unfit to run this country," said Rita Scupp, a protestor. "I’ve never been embarrassed to be an American and this is the first time I can say that I’m really embarrassed.” 

“He speaks to us directly and everything he’s promised that he can do, he’s doing," said Gene Huber, a supporter. "He’s all for us 100 percent.”

While they say they continue to come out mainly because of their opinions on the president himself rather than current events and issues, the current divisions among Americans are especially clear along Southern Boulevard.

“The president is basically someone who should unite the country, bring people together and he has a policy of dividing people," Smith said.

“We have to come come together as one and that’s what he wants," Huber said. "Is it going to happen? Not 100 percent, but the president, he will make it happen a lot more.”

They plan to do it all again this upcoming Sunday when President Trump leaves.