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President Trump's motorcade drives business along Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach

Posted at 4:19 AM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-26 04:32:37-05

West Palm Gas and Cafe is one of a handful of businesses along the 4.3-mile route from Palm Beach International Airport to Mar-a-Lago.  The business speeds up when traffic slows down. 

“It’s surreal sometimes,” said store owner Alex Fernandez.  

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Located on the corner of Southern Boulevard and Parker Avenue in West Palm Beach, it’s now a front row seat to watch the presidential motorcade every time President Trump comes to town. 

“It’s something that we, that I, kind of look forward to. Twenty years down the road when my kids are older and they are going to be reading about the different presidents, there is Southern Boulevard and the motorcade and pictures of the route,” said Fernandez. 

He’s not alone. Dozens of people gather to catch a glimpse of the president. 

“With everything that goes on with President Trump and kind of how times are today, it’s different to see all the different people camping out early for hours,” said Fernandez. 

One of those people is Lake Worth artist Joseph Boruk.

“I got my fingers crossed,” said Boruk. 

He waits for hours each time with his truck and several paintings including a portrait of President Trump and first lady Melania. His goal is to one day get Trump’s autograph.

“I’ve come close several times, but he’s a busy man, I don’t expect him to go out of his way. He’s too busy, you know, he’s important. I’m just an artist,” said Boruk.

Whether it’s an artist, a curious neighbor or someone protecting the president, people get to know each other.

“You build a friendship with a lot of these guys because you see them over and over,” said Fernandez. 

The store takes pride in fueling everyone up and says they see a steady increase of business when the president is in town. 

“Meeting more law enforcement, secret service, guys coming in different shifts, so they are getting their coffee,” said Fernandez. 

All along the 4.3-mile stretch from the airport to the "winter White House." 

“It's kind of our corner. It’s like our little piece of history which we were kind of involved with which is cool,” said Fernandez. 

As in years past, the most recent trip to Mar-a-Lago is expected to be the first of many for the Trump family during the winter season.