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Political signs reported stolen from local animal shelter

Posted at 10:35 PM, Oct 23, 2018

Rich Anderson the CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue says Monday morning a staff member noticed one of their "Vote yes on Amendment 13" signs were stolen and replaced with a vote no sign. 

"You know politics get ugly sometimes and we are seeing that," Anderson said. 

He says this is the first time in his seven-year history that they have publicly endorsed an amendment on a ballot. If approved Amendment 13 would ban gambling on commercial dog racing in Florida.

"It's the humane thing to do," he said. 

But “The Committee to Support Greyhounds” --  a grassroots group says it wants to keep greyhound racing in Florida. 

"I say vote no because the greyhounds are not abused, they're not mistreated,"  Jennifer Newcome said.

Newcome the committee’s chairwoman - says they have had signs stolen as well and she does not condone the thefts. But Newcome thinks the stolen vote yes signs are a stunt. 

"My honest opinion is that that was an act on the yes on 13 campaign in the attempt to make something media worthy," she said.

As for Anderson he has not for filed a police report. He says he's moving forward and hopes that people leave their signs alone.

"Let's all get along and see what happens on Election Day," he said.