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Police try and catch teens weaving on bikes through busy traffic

Posted at 7:34 PM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 04:29:03-04

It's a growing trend that is upsetting West Palm Beach residents and visitors. Teenagers taking videos of each other riding their bicycles while weaving in and out of traffic.

“They are operating so fast, weaving in and out if you’re in a car you’re like, 'what’s his next move?' you’re not going to know,” said resident Fred Freiermugh.

Police said they are aware of this trend that's rising in popularity in the WPB area, however unless they catch the kids in the act it's hard to write tickets or arrest them.

“I would highly encourage instead of posting to social media to call that in to police right away so the police can get out there and witness that event for themselves,” said Lake Clark Shores Sgt. Dana Fisher.

Fisher said the Lake Clark Shores Police Department had similar complaints to the ones in West Palm Beach and decided to take a unique approach to catching the kids.

“We had pizza and snacks and the vice mayor bought helmets for the kids and bike lights,” said Fisher.

The department decided instead of writing tickets and making them pay fines, they would first take a softer approach that included making them watch a safety video.

Some of the 40 kids that attended the event are part of a group that calls themselves the "Pedal Boy" and residents complained they would block traffic, and in groups of three or four would ride next to the car not letting it pass.

However, a few months since the event was hel, the police department said it has paid off.

“We have no more causing traffic hazards on Forest Hill Boulevard or Dunkin' Donuts blocking cars. We haven’t had any more complaints in our area,” said Fisher. 

Fisher said she recognizes Lake Clark Shores is significantly smaller in size than neighboring police departments but believes the first step in ending this type of behavior is through education. 

“I would say it would probably be a great idea to sit down with your child no matter what, and let them know what’s going on. Maybe find out if your child is apart of it and help try to deter them from getting involved,” said Fisher.

The West Palm Beach Police Department and Palm Beach Sheriff's Office said they are aware of this behavior being an issue in their jurisdictions, but they need whoever is witnessing it to immediately report it to authorities for a change to happen.