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Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control makes public plea for adoptions

Posted at 5:38 PM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 20:38:06-05

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control is making a public plea for animal adoptions. The shelter says it's currently at capacity, and despite other local organizations stepping up to help they desperately need people to adopt.

"Maybe they aren’t comfortable with their financial situation and their ability to care for their pet. There’s lots of reasons why we have thee highs and lows, we just happen to be in a really high season right now,” said operations manager Captain Daisy Blakeman. 

The shelter is looking after 237 dogs, nearly 200 cats, along with a turkey, a pig and a lizard.

"We are exceeding our ability to care for our animals," said Blakeman.

Organizations like Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League are stepping up to help but even then they can only take so many at a time. 

“The thing is we take in animals in from the county pretty much every week,” said Rich Anderson.

Numbers show Peggy Adams has taken in 525 dogs so far in 2018, 701 in 2017 and that's not even counting the hundreds of cats they also save.

“We get severe medical cases from the county for instance just this year alone we’ve taken animals with broken limbs, gunshot wounds these are animals that county doesn’t have resources to save,” said 

Peggy Adams will stitch them up and care for them until someone comes along and adopts them. For some, it's just days after intake, while others it could be years. However, if they are left at Palm Beach Animal Care and Control for too long they face being euthanized.

“They have a wish for Christmas too. They want to be in somebody home for Thanksgiving smelling the turkey, they want to be there when the kids are opening the Christmas gifts,” said Blakeman.