Organizer behind cancelling his portion of anti-Trump march makes his case

Posted at 11:47 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-04 10:03:21-05

We are hearing from the protest organizer who canceled his portion of the march ahead of Saturday's demonstration directed at President Trump.

In his first television interview since cancelling, he explains why he called it off, and why he has no regrets.

By Facebook’s count, there's still well over 1,000 people planning on marching tomorrow-despite a cancelation by one of the organizers.

Since then, the organizer says the hate on social media he's gotten, just reinforces why he decided to cancel in the first place.

It was Stephen Milo's first crack at planning a protest-what he dubbed March to Mar-A-Lago for Humanity.

"This whole journey for me has opened my eyes to the divide in this country,” Milo said in an exclusive interview.

Milo describes his political belief as moderately to the left.

Milo wanted to use tomorrow’s march to deliver a message to President Donald Trump that he doesn't support any repeal of the Affordable Care Act:

"You have to know that there are people behind your base that need you to be our president too. You need to listen to us and we will not go away,” Milo says.

He teamed up with two other, more experienced activism groups-Women's March Florida PBC Chapter and South Florida Activism.

Before he knew it, the grass roots effort exploded to more than 1,000 attendees-too many for him handle.

“That to me was a reason to cancel.”

There's also another reason: his cause was keeping Obamacare, but with so many marchers there for different reasons-the message that would be sent wouldn't be focused-and ultimately fall on deaf ears.

Outrage ensued online.

“I'm not suggesting those Facebook comments translate into violence but it just goes a long way to show that we really weren't aligned,” Milo says,

He doesn't mind the rude comments. It's the hypocritical ones that leave him with no regrets.

“Here's one, my favorite,” Milo says reading back the comment, “'Stop posting for a while. Please just choose to be quiet. Please shut up. Walk away. Take a break. Shhhhhhhh.'”

“It’s comical.”

Milo says he has gotten a lot of support on Facebook too, which he appreciates.

In another twist, one of the two pro-Trump demonstrations was also canceled by the request of "some Trump people."