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Older Florida drivers have found the solution to 'keep you young'

Posted at 11:35 PM, Jul 31, 2019

Vehicle-for-hire services or ridesharing has increased in recent years. Along with the number of people choosing to work in the industry. Nearly a quarter of Uber drivers, for example, in the U.S are over the age of 50. And there’s a ripple effect being seen in Florida.

It’s the end of the traditional workday and instead of driving home Tricia Yarusso is hard at work on her second job – Uber driving.

“It’ll keep you young, because you’re constantly talking to other people which keeps your brain active – and keeping your brain active is supposed to keep you younger,” said Yarusso. She's driven for the company for four years.

It’s the same scenario for Carlos Guzman, another Palm Beach County resident whose driven for the company for the last three years.

“Seven days a week,” he said.

They’re both over the age of 50 – representing a quarter of Uber’s workforce lured by the flexibility and earnings. But while the service helps these drivers pockets, on July 1 it further helped their South Florida customers.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation enabling transportation network companies – including Uber and Lyft to provide “reliable non-emergency transportation” for Medicaid beneficiaries in Florida. One of the first states to allow Medicaid reimbursements. Uber said it removes “transportation barriers.”

“Everybody’s got something going on in their life,” Yarusso added.

In a statement Uber said: Many retirees need access to reliable transportation to make their medical appointments and we think this new bill, which was recently signed into law by Gov. DeSantis, will help remove transportation barriers and help more Floridians get to their appointments.

To see CS/HB 411: Nonemergency Medical Transportation Services in full visit: