PBIA flights canceled Tuesday as northeast braces for major winter storm

Posted at 9:41 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 07:52:07-04

The snowstorm in the northeast canceled more than 30 flights out of Palm Beach International Airport on Tuesday morning. All of those flights were scheduled to land in places like New York, Philadelphia, Newark and Washington, D.C.

The airport suggests you check your flight status online before coming to the airport. Your airline should be able to change your flight route or rebook you on a different flight if need be.

Some passengers are nervously watching as the flight statuses continue to change. 
Rhonda Weingart made it to PBIA just in time Monday. 
"This is in Detroit, when I took off this morning, they de-iced the plane," said Weingart as she showed a picture of a snow covered tarmac in Detroit. 
Weingart's flight connected in Newark. It was one of the last flights out before the beginning of cancelations. 
"Newark was complete chaos, people were scrambling to get their luggage, scrambling to get the last flight here. They actually overbooked the flight by 8 people," said Weingart.
Check the schedule for arrivals and departures at PBIA before heading to the airport Tuesday.
PBIA cancelations are adding up. Ziggy Margulies was glued to the flight board. It's his daughter's birthday and she's visiting him in Boynton Beach from New York. 
"I was nervous cause I kept hearing about cancelations," said Margulies.
Four thousand flights scheduled for Tuesday have been canceled nationwide. And then, there's all those delays. 
"We need to get there for work cause tomorrow we have to go into work, so hopefully it doesn’t get further delayed or canceled," said Kamala Kalsi, waiting on a delayed flight to Toronto.
Kalsi used her extra time at PBIA to add layers to the kids before her flight home. The reality is thousands of passengers could be stuck at airports for the next few days. Those who made it home Monday are feeling pretty lucky. 
"The dogs are counting on me. I had the neighbors watching the house. I mean potentially I could have been stuck there for days," said Weingart.