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Palm Beach County woman says scammer impersonated her, racked up $6,900 on her credit card

Posted at 12:14 AM, Mar 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-19 04:35:25-04

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — A local woman feels she has hit a wall after trying to get money back for thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent charges on her credit card account.

It started when Lisa Gold noticed a series of lavish services charged to her credit card.

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"They ranged from beauty services in home to several Lyft rides a day, maybe 12 to 15 Lyft rides a day," said Gold.

Right away she looked up her other accounts and found charges on more than one credit card.

"I called Citicard and I said, 'Oh my goodness. I think there’s been fraud on my card.' They immediately shut my card down and then re-issued me a new card, and I thought it was all over," said Gold.

But she said even after she was issued a second card, and a third card, the charges kept coming. So, she started her own investigation, calling merchants to find out who was using her credit card.

"She was going under Lisa Gold, she was booking hair appointments, tennis appointments, all under my name," said Gold.

Gold opened a case with the Delray Beach Police Department. She said Wells Fargo reimbursed her for the fraudulent activity on her account there but said Citibank did not. She said she didn't realize she also had auto-pay still on while her Citi card was under investigation.

"I still don't have the money back," she said. "It's still under investigation seven months later."

Art Forster, the director of investigation with the BBB of Southeast Florida and the Caribbean, said usually consumers do not pay for charges in question once they've notified the credit card company of the fraud.

"While the charges are in dispute they should be withheld and should not have to make payment until a final resolution has come," said Forster.

Approximately $6,900 later, Gold said she's still disputing the charges. She said she is talking to an attorney about filing a class-action lawsuit against the credit card company.

"I am a victim of fraud both with the woman who stole my identity ... that is very frustrating for me, but I think even more frustrating is that Citi card. I'm a victim of fraud with them," said Gold.

All of the businesses that provided services to the impersonator offered to help Delray Beach police, according to a police report.

A representative with Citibank said they are looking into the case.