Local Trump supporter heading to DC for presidential inauguration

Posted at 12:04 AM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 00:04:51-05
Ready to witness the swearing in of the 45th President of the United States, local Trump supporter and campaign volunteer Paula Prudente was selected to attend the presidential inauguration Friday.
With her Donald Trump signs in the trunk and a cardboard cutout of the president-elect riding shotgun, Prudente is D.C. bound. 
"I'm just really thrilled," said Prudente.
She is picking up her ticket to attend President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday. Witnesses Trump's swearing in as president is the moment she's been waiting for since she jumped in to volunteer during his campaign. 
"I went to all of the rallies. I went to all of the sign wavings on Fridays," said Prudente. 
In retirement, she found her true calling. Prudente was no stranger to campaign events or local precincts during early voting and on election day. 
"I didn't get paid for anything. I just volunteered out of my passion to get our country back," said Prudente. "I just devoted all of my days and all of my time to get Trump and Brian Mast elected." 
She's heading to D.C. with all of her Trump signage, but she's not concerned about becoming a target for possible protesters. 
"When I went to the convention, we had great security from the Secret Service and several other states came in, the National Guard, and we feel safe," said Prudente. 
This is her first presidential inauguration and one she says she will remember for the rest of her life. 
"We are just really proud of our hard work, that we have an opportunity to get our country back," she added.