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Local donations for Puerto Rico waiting for take-off

Posted at 7:12 PM, Sep 29, 2017

Since Hurricane Maria overwhelmed the people of Puerto Rico, hundreds if not thousands of people locally have donated supplies to send to the island. At first flights were able to get to the island, but now one local woman says  they're on hold. 

Cases of water, boxes of food and supplies Giselle Irizzary and her family collected to send to San Juan and Aguada, Puerto Rico was supposed to be on a plane Friday. 

"We got a call a couple of days ago saying that FEMA has put a stop to any planes coming in with donations," said Irizarry. 

We've seen the videos of shipping containers sitting at the port on the island. Irizarry said she's being told there's supplies also sitting at the airport in San Juan. 

"We're basically on hold, all this stuff, we can feed an entire community, an entire neighborhood and we can't right now," she added. 

Irizarry said two churches in Carolina and in Aguada on the west side of the island are counting on the donated supplies. She said they've been ready with volunteers and trucks needed to get the supplies out. 

"It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart because I have family that has called and told us they are starting to run out of supplies and water," said Irizarry. 

Irizarry said her flight to Puerto Rico through JetBlue was also cancelled. 

"It would mean a lot if somebody could tell us 'hey, I have planes that are ready to go with all of your supplies, come with us you can make sure that it gets to the right hands, and we’ll bring you back,' that would be phenomenal," she added. 

The President of the Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in West Palm Beach said it is working with the Puerto Rican government and has not had an issue getting supplies to the island, but it aware there are limited flights. The issue has been getting truck drivers to transport supplies in Puerto Rico.