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Local Cuban weighs in on U.S. decision to pull employees from embassy

Posted at 7:17 PM, Sep 29, 2017
The U.S. has put a stop to issuing visas in Cuba and is calling back more than half of the American staff from the embassy on the island. The decision comes after about 20 U.S. Diplomats are suffering from health problems believed to be a result of mysterious sonic attacks.
"No surprise to me, what surprises me is that we continue to go there and open the embassy in there," said Elaine Fandino, a member of the Cuban-American Club in West Palm Beach. 
Fandino has been a member of the club since it opened over four decades ago. She believes these allged attacks are proof that relations should have never opened in Cuba. 
"You cannot trust a Communist country, especially Castro," she said. 
The Cuban government denies involvement in the attacks and said it is investigating the incidents. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has been vocal about his disapproval of establishing relations with Cuba. He tweeted, "So Castro regime allows attacks on Americans, forcing us to drawdown to keep them safe, but he gets to keep the same number of people here?"
"Why that people are not sent back to Cuba right away? Right now," added Fandino who echoes the same sentiment. "I'm sorry, cause I know a lot of Cubans maybe don't feel the same way I feel."
The U.S. Embassy will continue operating in Cuba with limited staff.