Local coalitions gather at Urban League to watch first presidential debate

Posted at 11:46 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 04:45:59-04
Several coalitions and organizations hosted at Presidential debate watch party at the Urban League of Palm Beach County. 
They packed a room at the Urban League in hopes of hearing the candidates provide more substance on key issues.
Several voters say they hoped the candidates would remain civil, but the laughs, clapping and sighs indicated that the first debate was a showdown. 
Throwing out the first blow of the night, Hillary Clinton opens her first question calling out Donald Trump's economic plan, saying his tax cut approach only benefits the top percent. She called his plan 'Trumped up trickle down.' 
Paul Dumars hoped the secretary of state would use her experience to debate with Trump.  
"Let him ramble on, let him be vague like he always has been vague about the issues," said Dumars.
The biggest topics of the night, the economy and terrorism and Trump tackled Clinton on her plans for Isis, saying she's been fighting Isis for most of her adult like, making Clinton let out a chuckle.  
"We've been being entertained on both side," said Kathe Thompson, an undecided voter with the League of Women Voters. 
This is the behavior Thompson says she did not want to see. Of course one of the most talked about issues, email scandal came up. 
"We deserve more," said Thompson.
Thompson is undecided, but listening to both candidates on the issues that are important to her. For Dumars it comes down to jobs and national security and he hoped Clinton would express her plans clearly. 
"Just getting people to understand what she's going to do she is going to help Americans," added Dumars. 
The next debate is on Oct.9. 
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